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Giada Matteini Ferrone- Artistic Director, co-creator

Robert BostonArtistic Advisor, co-creator

Toni CostaMusic Director

In keeping with its commitment to innovation and high caliber education, Toscana Dance Hub is proud to produce and direct the Music Program for Dance Accompanists, Music Hub. Too many times musicians are literally ‘thrown’ in a dance class setting with little or no training or direction. They are also left trying to figure out how to navigate the open class systems of many dance schools and how to promote themselves. Being able to accompany dance classes is a great way to network with teachers and choreographers and to implement their income. TDH believes each class is a unique experience where everyone involved, student, musician and teacher learn, express and inspire each other.

PLAY FOR TECHNIQUE CLASSES: Giada Ferrone enlists the help of professional musicians and master teachers to create a cutting edge, one-of-a-kind music program for musicians interested in pursuing a career as dance accompanists. The music students will observe dance classes taught during Toscana Dance Hub played by the music mentors and eventually play as well.

LECTURE SESSIONS: They will take classes and lectures in various subjects related to being a dance accompanist: how to arrange/compose music for dance classes, how to promote themselves as dance accompanists, relationship with teachers and students, etc.

CHOREOLAB: In collaboration with TDH choreographic program, ChoreoLab, the music students will compose/perform music for dance students choreographing new works during the intensive.

PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES: The program affords the music students several performing opportunities while in Florence and a myriad of activities and total immersion in the vibrant cultural life of Florence.

MUSIC BLAST: The music students and music mentor perform in an evening dedicated entirely to music showcasing vast range and vision.

Meet the director, toni costa

Toni Costa is a musician and educator devoted to dance based in Barcelona. He was trained in classical piano in the N. A. Rimski-Korsakov Saint Petersburg State Conservatory, where he had his first contact with ballet. Upon returning to Spain, he graduated from ESMuC (High Music School of Catalonia) after extending his improvisational skills in classical, flamenco, early music and modern styles. With a wide background in piano performance, he started to develop his career working in dance schools and companies focusing on dance accompaniment. He has worked as a dance class pianist both in USA and UK, getting involved in San Francisco Ballet, Alonzo King Lines Ballet, Post:Ballet, Elmhurst Ballet School and Birmingham Royal Ballet. He regularly collaborates with ballet masters and mistresses such as David Makhateli, Larisa Lezhnina, Rodolfo Castellanos, Isabelle Ciaravola, Julie Kent, Samira Saidi, Piotr Nardelli and Robert Parker, to name a few. Toni also plays for contemporary dancers workshops with Robert Dekkers, Cherryl Therrien, Rita Quaglia, Christophe Jeannotte, Natalia Viñes, Catherine Bisson amongst others. He is passionate for the modern and contemporary dance techniques created by pioneers such as Graham, Cunningham, Limón and many others.

Toni considers that music for dance is a unique genre in itself without stylistic boundaries. He runs MTM (Music and Tech for Movement), a sound studio that empowers choreographers to work hand in hand with musicians. With this idea, he fosters the live interaction of movement and sound to enable the role of sound in the field of movement to be investigated and researched. In this sense, Toni has composed and performed the music for different contemporary flamenco pieces of Aita Cia: Historia de un zapato and La danza de los dos pianos, using electronics and applying guitar techniques to piano playing. He has recently collaborated with filmmakers such as Eugenio Mira, Rodrigo Cortés and award-wining Damien Chazelle, director of the motion picture  La La Land.

As a vocational educator, he studies pedagogy and has obtained internationally renowned certifications in Dalcroze Eurythmics and Orff-Schulwerk. He is lecturer of dance and music in Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et Danse (Paris) and ESMuC (Barcelona) and co-edited The Costume Party, a CD-book with instrumental music for the dance education of young children. Costa currently manages a number of dance musicians at IEA Oriol Martorell dance school and plays for dance class at Professional Dance Conservatory in Institut del Teatre, Barcelona. He is a faculty member of International Ballet Stage (Spain) and RAD Scuola Estiva (Italy) and leads workshops throughout Europe related to music and movement.

Music hub graduates

how to apply


Open to musicians with a minimum of five years of formal classical training and experience in improvisation. Must be interested in closely exploring the relationship between music and dance and must be able to travel with their own instrument, if different than piano.



1. PDF FILE: list of training with dates and instructors

2. AUDIO FILE #1: recording of a classical piece

3. AUDIO FILE #2: recording of a contemporary work
4. AUDIO FILE # 3: recording of an improv session

5. non-refundable application fee of $100

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